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Title: In Which Amos has a Type
Prompt: None
Rating: PG
Series: This Thing That Happened This One Time
Content Summary/Notes/Warnings: Amos is late for class.

Waking up. It was a lazy process when Amos wasn’t jolted out of sleep by the blaring of his clock radio. Gradually his eyes blinked open, and he yawned and stretched languidly out on the California king size bed.

The king size bed that he didn’t own and barely managed to fit inside the single tiny bedroom in Jared’s miniature apartment. Amos lay there for a moment, languishing in the warm, early morning comfort of the blankets that surrounded him. He smiled as he thought of the night before. It had been the first night that he and Jared and spent together in a long time, and Amos had thought it was over and their relationship beyond reparation.

He made a mental note to send Mark a thank you card.

As he was thinking about the pros of Mark’s optimism versus his cynicism, he turned and the digital display on Jared’s alarm clock caught his eye. It was 9:45 in the morning. He vaguely contemplated what he was going to do with his weekend when the realization that it wasn’t Saturday at all hit him like a bucket of ice cold water. He threw the covers away and jumped off the bed into the cold morning air.

He cursed as he stumbled his way around the furniture in the room, knocking his limbs against it at every opportunity. Then he grabbed a blanket from the bed and wrapped it around himself as he exited into the hallway. Glancing around, he shuffled into the small living area to find Jared dressed in workout gear, doing stretches.

“What did you do!” Amos practically screeched. He winced at the shrill sound that had come out of his mouth, and Jared only looked curiously up at him from a squatting position.


“You turned off the alarm clock!”

“You were sleeping. You don’t have class on Friday, right?” Jared frowned thoughtfully.

“That was, like...three quarters ago! Shit!” Amos glanced around the room in a panic.

Jared jumped up from his squat and made his way over to him.

“I’m sorry, won’t happen again,” Jared said.

“Damn straight,” Amos said. “Gimmie some clothes.”


“I really don’t want to miss this class. If I go home, I will be so late, and we have a guest lecturer, and...I saw Llewelyn yesterday. He’s gonna know if I show up in yesterday’s clothes. I just don’t want to deal with him right now.”

“Sure, man,” Jared said. “Take whatever you want.”

Amos disappeared and reappeared a moment later wearing an oversize pair of Jared’s pants comically cinched up with a belt and a T-shirt emblazoned with the Aggies logo.

“You look ridiculous,” Jared said once he caught sight of him in the baggy clothes.

“I’m not debating that,” Amos replied as he looked down at himself.

“You think Lyn isn’t going to think something’s up with that ensemble?” Jared chuckled.

“Okay, very funny,” Amos said. “I did the best I could.”

“It’s fine. I kind of like you in my shirt. Stop worrying. Get over here and kiss me goodbye.”

Amos did as he was asked and paused momentarily in his arms.

“I’ll see you later, okay?” Jared said. “Now get outta here.”

Amos kissed him one last time before he headed off to his class.


“YooHoo! Amos!”

He cringed as he heard Llewelyn call after him as he exited the lecture hall. He had been hoping to avoid his friend until he was able to go home and change. He turned around and greeted Llewelyn with a pasted on smile.

“Hey, Lyn,” he said.

“C’mon!” Llewelyn closed in on him and grabbed Amos’ arm in both of his. He walked them to the cafe inside the building and sat him down at a table.

“So...” Llewelyn eyed him up and down with one curious eyebrow raised.

“I didn’t see you in there. Thought you skipped out,” he said.

“I had to grab a spot at the back. I was late,” Amos muttered as he looked down at his hands in his lap. “I had...a thing.”

“Does this thing have a name?” Llewelyn said.

“What do you mean?” Amos glanced sharply up at him as he feigned ignorance.

“Oh, Come on!” Llewelyn laughed. “You’re a walking fashion disaster on a good day, but this frat boy look you have going on...”

“Did someone say frat boy?” A voice rung out through the hall and they were quickly greeted by Wes Denver approaching. He threw himself down in a chair next to his boyfriend and gave Llewelyn a greeting kiss.

“How in the world do you manage to taste like turpentine?” Llewelyn muttered at him; a complaint that earned him only a laugh.


“So what’s going on?” Wes said as he glanced from one friend to the other.

Amos shifted uneasily in his uncomfortable clothing and shrunk down in his chair. He hadn’t been expecting Wes as well.

“Amos has a new guy,” Llewelyn said.

“Oh, yeah?” Wes said, his full attention directed at the man in question.

“Oh, no,” Amos muttered as he carefully avoided eye contact.

“Yeah, right,” Llewelyn replied. “You have a type. The type is jock. Whenever you snag one you suddenly show up here with a hot case of team spirit.”

Amos glanced down at the shirt he was wearing and frowned, mentally chastising himself for choosing something that was emblazoned with the mustang on it, and thanking his lucky stars that at least he hadn’t managed to pick a shirt that had Jared’s name explicitly spelled out across the back of it.

“I love sports,” Amos said. “Go, Aggies!” He waved his hands in the air in a mock display of excitement.

“Who is it?” Wes asked. “Mark?”

“No way, been there done that,” Llewelyn supplied the answer before Amos could protest. “It’s not that baseball guy. You kicked him to the curb. Is he on the football team? Oh, one of the other soccer guys? Since you’re their unofficial mascot and everything.”

“I gotta go,” Amos said. He attempted to stand up from his chair but was shocked back into his seated position by the sight of Jared appearing in the hall looking completely lost and confused.

“Oh, shit,” Amos murmured under his breath and buried his head in his hands.

Wes and Llewelyn both took that as their cue to spin around in their chairs and see what had startled Amos.

“Oh, shit indeed,” Llewelyn said as his head swiveled back around to stare at Amos.

“Him? Really? I thought you were over that jerk,” he said.

“Stop it, Lyn,” Amos replied as he glanced up at his friend.

“I thought he was only using you for...” Llewelyn made a gesture with his hands that caused Amos to blush and shake his head in furious protest.

“He changed,” Amos hissed in returned.

Llewelyn leaned back in his chair with his arms crossed and an expression that telegraphed his lack of belief in any change of heart that Jared might have had over the course of a summer.

Wes only rolled his eyes at both of them. He stood from his perch and whistled through his fingers before waving his arm in the air to get Jared’s attention. Jared looked physically relieved to have someone rescue him from his confusion, and he picked his way through the lunchtime crowd over to their table.

“Hey, guys...Lyn,” Jared shot Llewelyn his best teasing grin but was greeted only with a huff as Llewelyn rolled his eyes and tossed his head to face in the opposite direction.

“Don’t mind him,” Amos said pointedly. “What are you doing here?”

“What he means is: Join us!” Wes interjected as he pulled out a chair for Jared to sit on then sat back down in his own chair.

Jared sat cautiously down. He placed the duffel bag he was holding in front of him on the table and pushed it towards Amos.

“I brought you this,” he murmured. He glanced down at the table, feeling uncomfortable with the glares Llewelyn was shooting at him and the eager expression that was plastered all over Wes’.

“Your gym clothes?” Llewelyn spoke out as Amos made no move to see what was inside the bag. “Can’t you do your own laundry?”

“It’s...” Jared gave Amos a worried look. “I thought you might need it. Didn’t know how much a break you have between classes these days.”

Amos pulled the bag into his lap and peeked inside to avoid Llewellyn’s no so transparent attempts at trying to discern its contents. It was a change of clothes.

“Um, how...”

He looked back up at Jared and squelched the urge to attack him with kisses of gratitude right there. As much as he appreciated the loaner outfit, he didn’t much relish spending the remainder of the day feeling like his pants were going to slide right off his hips at a moment’s notice, belt or no. He noticed that Jared’s worried and nervous look had not abated. If anything he looked even more worried and his entire attention was focused on the two men sitting across from them watching their every move.

Amos sighed in defeat and deposited the open bag back upon the table with a shrug.

“It’s okay. Cat’s out of the bag,” he said.

“Honey, the cat was not even in the same zip code as bag,” Llewelyn replied. “So, how DID you recover the duds, Aggie? Color me curious. You a break in artist now as well as an asshole?”

“Llewelyn!” Wes barked out his name in a disapproving manner.

“What?” Llewelyn shrugged and didn’t bother to hide his impish grin. “I mean, I’m just a cat. Y’know, since we’re talking in cat metaphors today.”

Wes just continued to give him a hard stare which Llewelyn only laughed at.

“That was your cue to say something about nine lives, darling.”

Jared reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring full of keys which he deposited upon the metal table in front of them.

“You forgot those at my place,” Jared mumbled at Amos while once again looking down at his hands in his lap. “I’m real glad I found you here, because I didn’t know if you needed to get into your studio or the shop or something.”

Amos reached for the keys but quickly found his hand captured in Jared’s, and Jared rested them entwined upon the table. Amos shot him a quick glance to see if he could discern what was going on in his head, but Jared’s expression remained impassive as he initiated small with Llewelyn.

“So, how are classes going?” he asked as he absently rubbed his thumb across the top of Amos’ hand.

Amos, who had been tense at first, relaxed back in his seat and smirked happily at his friends across the table.

Llewelyn’s only response to the query was to openly stare at them.

“What’s the matter, Lyn?” Jared prodded him. “Cat got your tongue?”

“Ohhhh, he’s good,” Wes said as he patted Llewelyn’s shoulder, sympathetic to his boyfriend’s word play coming back to haunt him.

“Class is fine,” Llewelyn grumbled.

“Alright, well...” Jared released Amos’ hand as he stood up from his chair.

“I’ve got weight training, I’ll see you guys later, right?” He pointed at Wes and Llewellyn. “We’ll hang out.”

“Oh, Okay?” Llewelyn frowned and glanced at Wes for guidance.

Wes jumped from his chair and shook Jared’s hand, then pulled him into an awkward hug so he could whisper in his ear.

“If you hurt him again, Dawes, I will end you. Got it?”

“ it,” Jared replied and Wes released him in order to sit back down.

“You, I will definitely see later, right?” Jared glanced towards Amos.

“If you want,” Amos replied without looking up.

“Of course I want,” Jared replied. “I’ll call you.”


“As long as you don’t change your phone number this time.”

Amos chuckled as he felt Jared’s hand squeeze his shoulder.

“I love you,” he said softly and much to Amos’ and his friends surprise.

“Yep,” Amos replied as he reached back and dismissively patted Jared’s hand. “You told me before.”

“Uh-huh,” Jared replied. “And I’m going to keep telling you until you believe me.”

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