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Seth Gets an Assignment

Title: Seth p1... Seth Gets an Assignment
Prompt: Prince
Rating: PG
Series: Inter-Galactic Action Squad, Go!
Content Summary/Notes/Warnings: Seth is a Pain and Ehren is in Charge. Rasa remains the voice of reason.

Seth perked up upon hearing his name called out above the sound of the computer terminals. He cringed, knowing exactly who was speaking by the crisp tones of his Earthian accent. Seth still couldn't believe that tiny little Ehrenfried Behrendt outranked him.

He shuffled out from behind his station and approached the Lieutenant-Commander.

"Yes, Sir," he said as he snapped off a lazy salute.

A nonplussed look crossed Ehren's face and he shook his head as if to remind himself that he was in fact in a position of authority.

"At Ease," Ehren said and quickly returned the salute with one of his own.

"I have an assignment for you," Ehren said.

"For me?" Seth blurted out in surprise before he could stop himself. "Are you allowed to do that?"

Ehren's confused expression turned instantly cross.

"I am the ranking officer here with Robin in decontamination and Beatriu on leave. This is a first for me too, Seth. Like it or not, may I ask for a little decorum here? I really don't need you spreading your resentment around here..."

“I wouldn’t say that my resentment was without reason, Sir,” Seth replied.

“Oh?” Ehren arched an eyebrow and attempted to look imposing. It wasn’t quite successful.

“Everyone knows you’ve slept yourself to the top, Ehrenfried,” he said. “Don’t stand there and try to convince me that you’re a Lieutenant-Commander and I’m an apprentice has nothing to do with the fact that you’re having relations with Commander Grey?”

Ehren’s angry glare was unmistakable, but he managed to keep his ire under wraps.

“Think what you like,” Ehren said with a smirk. “It’s not against the rules, and besides...if that were my intent, I would have fucked the Grand Admiral to start with.”

“But...,” Seth replied. “He’s Old!”

“Listen,” Ehren said as he handed over a dossier. “Not that this witty repartee isn’t fun, but I have even more paperwork to do now that I’m kind of in charge. Do you want the assignment or not? I’d just as soon give it to Berilo and Axel. I’m sure they’re champing at the bit for their first unsupervised field mission.”

“Give it to them,” Seth huffed. “See if I care.”

“Or better yet,” Ehren said. “I’ll give the assignment to Berilo and Rasa. I see no reason to deprive your sister of the opportunity because of your insubordination.”

“Stop pretending to be smart, Earthian. If my sister wants to lay down with that amphibian, it’s her business. It isn’t going to bother me,” Seth muttered, though the defensiveness of his voice made it clear that he was bothered.

“Seth,” Ehren said, his voice betraying his quickly eroding sense of patience. “That isn’t going to fly anymore.”

“What does that even mean?” Seth frowned at him. “You’re speaking the Common Standard, but sometimes the combination of words that comes out of you is terribly confusing. I guess that’s what happens when your planet is in the middle of nowhere. We aren’t pilots, so what exactly isn’t flying?”

“I am a Lieutenant-Commander now,” Ehren said. “You follow orders, Starman. That is what I mean.”

“So, is it an order?” Seth glanced down at the holo-file that Ehren had handed him.

“Just shut the fuck up and read the dossier, Seth,” Ehren growled, breaking protocol.

“There we go!” Seth grinned and poked Eheren in the arm. “That’s the Ehrenfried I know!”

“Shut-up,” Ehren muttered. “You bring it out of me, you know? Try being in charge some time. I thought I knew what stress was, but I was wrong. Compared to you, battling strange entities in the Unknown Galaxies is like child’s play.”

“It’s a special talent, I know!” Seth took a deep and satisfied breath.

“At least I know I can count on you when it matters,” Ehren said. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t be trusting you with this.”

“Really?” Seth perked up in surprise at the unexpected praise.

“Yes, really.” Ehren rolled his eyes. “Once you stop being a selfish ass, you do good work... Please, don’t tell anybody I said that.”

“I’m telling everybody,” Seth replied nearly before Ehren was finished speaking.

Ehren chuckled at him. “Figured as much,” he said.

“You should give me a medal.”

Ehren placed his hands upon Seth’s shoulders and began to guide him back to his desk.

“I deserve a medal for putting up with you,” he grumbled.

They arrived at their destination where Seth threw himself into his chair and tossed the holo-file upon his desk. Ehren called Rasa over to them. She appeared quickly and stood behind her brother in a stiff and formal posture, her hand frozen in salute.

“Yes, Sir.” She said.

Seth rolled his eyes at her formality as he slumped in his chair. He shrugged and smiled at Ehren as if to apologize for his sister. Ehren, as usual, looked decidedly uncomfortable at receiving those sort of gestures of respect coming from people that had been his peers only a short igyear before.

“At ease, Starman,” He said and did his best to harden his gaze into something that resembled authority as he returned her salute.

“You two are so cute.” Seth giggled up at them from his reclined position.

“Stop it, Seth,” Rasa said as she punched her brother lightly on the shoulder.

“He’s fine, Rasa, I just...”

“He thinks I do good work.” Seth looked up at her and wagged his eyebrows up and down at her. She nearly burst out laughing.

“I was going to say, just watch the file.” Ehren frowned at them, reached over the desk and poked the singular button on the small, paper thin device.

A featureless talking head materialized in holographic form above the file card and began explaining the upcoming Dysprosian coronation celebration. Seth leaned forward for a moment, poked at the holograph, disrupting the image momentarily before leaning back in his chair with an exaggerated yawn.

“So what?” He muttered, shifting his attention back to Ehren. “It’s a coronation year; we know that. We’re Dysprosians, we don’t need a history lesson on our own customs. Blah, Blah, the Crown Prince. Blah, Blah, reaches twenty-six and blah. Blah. Blah.”

“Blah, Blah, the Queen has personally requested an I-Gas escort for the man,” Ehren interrupted him.

Seth snapped his mouth shut and glanced up at Rasa.

“This is serious, there have been threats on his life. She doesn’t trust the counsil adviser,” Ehren said. “I know this sort of thing is usually handled on planet, but...the Queen is friends with the Admiral. She’s heard about our new little special-ops squadron we’ve got here, so...”

“Threats on his life?” Seth scoffed. “Nobody even knows what he looks like. They keep the kid anonymous until the cornonation.”

“Why are you making this difficult, Seth?” Rasa said.

“It’s my job.” He laced his hands behind his head and grinned as he leaned back in his chair.

“Your job is get your gear, and report to the port room in as soon as possible. Are you clear?” Ehren said.

“Yes, sir!” Seth unfurled himself from his chair, flicked a quick salute in Ehren’s direction and ambled off in the direction of the dorms.

“Are you sure this is a good idea,” Rasa said, her voice filled with skepticism as she watched her twin depart.
“Yeah,” Ehren replied. “I have every confidence in your brother.”

Rasa moved from her position behind the desk to stand next to him and nudge him with her shoulder. She glanced at him from the side and he smiled sheepishly.

“You’re such a terrible liar, Ehrenfried,” she said.

“Okay, I have every confidence in you then,” he said. “I’m not lying about that.”


“Now get out of here!” He nudged her back. “You’ve got a Prince to gaurd!”

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I really liked the bit where he got all excited about the praise. That was cute.

Thanks for doing the prompt!