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Title: In Which Amos has a Type
Prompt: None
Rating: PG
Series: This Thing That Happened This One Time
Content Summary/Notes/Warnings: Amos is late for class.

Waking up. It was a lazy process when Amos wasn’t jolted out of sleep by the blaring of his clock radio. )
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Title: About a Date
Prompt: Originally Posted at Sunday Snuggles
Rating: PG
Series: This Thing That Happened This One Time
Content Summary/Notes/Warnings: Amos chooses some unsurprising Locations for his and Jared's first 'official' date.

Jared couldn’t help but be nervous. It was his first with Amos. )
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Title: Jared Buys a Chair
Rating: PG
Series: This Thing That Happened This One Time
Content Summary/Notes/Warnings: Is there a better way to spend a huge signing bonus than spoiling your boyfriend rotten? Jared Dawes can’t think of one.

Originally Posted at SundaySnuggles

All stories in "This Thing That Happened This One Time" are posted as vignettes and are not in chronological order. One day there will be a list where they are linked in order, but today is not that day. :)

It was only early afternoon, but I was having the best day of my life. )
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Random.  I've been wanting to do some of these so I just did a google search and found this one.  Probably there will be more to come. :D

Choose twelve of your original characters, in any particular order. Then, answer the questions that follow, but DON'T LOOK AT THE QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU PICK THE CHARACTERS!

1. Thompson R. Sinclair
2. Ehrenfried Behrendt
3. Amos Grant
4. Richard Blume
5. Rebecca O’Connor
6. Beatriu David
7. Robin Grey
8. Graeme Alexander
9. Jared Dawes
10. Madeline Sinclare
11. Mark Briar
12. Feliu Viernes

Read on for the Q and A! )
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The Thief and the Commander: Master Post

Intergalactic Action Squad, Go!: The Thief and the Commander

genre: Sci-Fi
pairings: Robin, Ehrenfried, and Feliu
word count: ≈55,000
rating/warnings: language. character death.
summary: The Inter-Galactic Action Squad is the first line of defense
from the galaxies' worst criminals. Ehrenfried Behrendt only joined to improve
his CV. Robin Grey just wanted to keep his career from sliding further into the
gutter. But even the best laid plans can go awry when what started out as an
escape ends with an assassination.

Table of Contents


01: An Earthian Apart

02: Into the Darkness

03: Secrets

04: A Plan, A Routine, A Disaster

05: A Father's Betrayal

06: On Golden Utopia

07: The Funeral

08: Common Ground

09: The Biron

10: Crossing the Line

11: A Token

12: Ciphers

13: Freedom

14: Goodbyes

15: History

16: Bounty

17: Back on the Time

18: The End

Bonus content:

There is a Prequel where the germ of an idea for this story came from. It's in first person from Ehren's point of view, and it's not necessary to understanding what happens. I just thought I'd throw it in here if anybody wants to read it:

Prequel: The Recruit

Mix: Mix for Utopia by [ profile] sister_ananke

And a wonderful Mix! Be sure to check it out!
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